About This Settlement

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
Hart v. BHH, LLC, Case No. 1:15-cv-4804 (WHP)

If You Purchased A Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, You May Be Eligible to Get $15 Or More Per Package from a Class Action Settlement

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit. Purchasers of Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers sued their distributors, BHH, LLC and Van Hauser LLC (collectively “Defendants”), alleging fraud-based and warranty claims. The Plaintiffs alleged that Defendants’ pest repellers do not repel pests as claimed. Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ claims, deny any wrongdoing and assert that the products are effective. The Court has not decided whether Defendants did anything wrong. The parties agreed to the Proposed Settlement to resolve the lawsuit.

No proof of purchase is required to submit a claim, but you may be able to receive a larger refund if you submit proof of purchase. For Settlement Class Members without Proof of Purchase, the manufacturers will refund fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each package of Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers up to a maximum of two packages. However, if You submit a Proof of Purchase with Your Claim Form, you will receive a full monetary refund of the actual purchase price up to a maximum of six packages of Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers. Proof of Purchase may take the following forms: (A) the receipt or invoice issued for your purchase of Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers; or (B) other documentation showing the actual price paid for the Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers you purchased.

To file an online Claim Form, click here. If you would like to download and print the Claim Form, click here.

Your rights may be affected by the Proposed Settlement of this Lawsuit, and you have a choice to make now about how to act:

SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM POSTMARKED BY JULY 11, 2020 This is the only way to receive a monetary payment from the Proposed Settlement. By remaining in the Settlement, whether or not you submit a claim, you will give up any rights to sue Defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit. Claim Forms are available on this website.
EXCLUDE YOURSELF FROM THE CLASS BY JUNE 15, 2020 If you opt out of the Proposed Settlement, you will not be eligible to receive the monetary payment, but you will keep your right to sue Defendants about the same legal claims in this lawsuit. Requests for exclusion must be postmarked by June 15, 2020 and mailed to 8001 Broadway Suite 200, Merrillville, IN 46410.
OBJECT OR COMMENT BY JUNE 15, 2020 You may write to the Court about why you do, or do not, like the Settlement. You must remain in the class to comment in support of or in opposition to the Settlement. Objections and comments must be filed with the Court and served on the Parties by June 15, 2020.
APPEAR IN THE LAWSUIT BY AUGUST 25, 2020 You may ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement. Written notice of your intent to appear in the Lawsuit must be filed with the Court and served on the Parties by August 25, 2020. You may enter your appearance in Court through an attorney at your own expense if you so desire.
DO NOTHING By doing nothing, you will not receive the monetary payment. You will also give up any rights to sue Defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.

Your rights and options – and the deadlines to exercise them – are further explained in the Long Form Notice.

The Court in charge of this case still has to decide whether to approve the Settlement. The Settlement Benefit (i.e., the monetary payments) will be made available if the Court approves the Settlement, and after any appeals are resolved, if they are resolved in favor of settlement approval.

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